Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR) / Mixed Reality (MR)

We all are living in the digital world where the evolution of technology is gazillion times faster than the evolution of humans, and this is just the beginning.The eye-catcher in this digital bonanza fair of the 21st century is the immersive technologies.You may wonder what’s that?It’s just a term coined for the combination of three i.e. Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR).

These technologies are used for creating and extending reality by immersing the users in the digital environment, having applications in various domains. Almost every other industry has been helped and improved by the introduction of these technologies. Education, Healthcare, Gaming, Real estate, and various other top industries are enjoying the benefits of these future technologies.

Today, these immersive technologies have revolutionized the way consumers consume content.You have this golden opportunity today to make an investment in these gold mine technologies and make a mark in your industry.

The competition is low, but the opportunities are humongous. We at ‘X’ can help you with that. With a combined experience of ‘X’ years in developing solutions based on immersive technologies, our skilled technology experts have tremendous know-how in strategizing, conceptualizing these immersive platforms.

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What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

You might think it’s a new technology, but you’d be amazed to know that it came into existence in 1968. AR is about adding digital elements to a live/real environment. It’s the link between reality and the virtual world.Today’s generation wants new and innovative touch in their user experience, especially the young generation, who want to explore the virtual world in real-time. AR gives the power to integrate 3D animations and graphics into your business to make them feel more realistic. And using AR, you can be the owner of the next big thing in your industry.

This is just the tip of the iceberg called Augmented Reality  (AR), which actually is a vast field still getting explored. So it’s high time you dive into this technology in your industry and build user experiences that users will love. 

What We Can Do?

RTG digital will deliver you the best results in a short period with a low-cost investment

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AR VR MR Technologies

We make use of various high-end technologies for crafting AR, VR, and MR products and integrations. Here’s the list:

Unity3d Game Engine

One of the top game development platforms from the house of Unity can make seamless AR, VR, and MR games according to your requirements.

Unreal Game Engine

Another top game development platform is the Unreal gaming engine. Our developers are highly skilled in using this platform for making top-notch games

Amazon Lumberyard

This is the only platform with pre-integrated Amazon Web Services to build and host games on servers from Amazon. It's a highly used game development platform by our developers.

PlayCanvas Engine

One of the top 3D game development applications is used for high-end gaming projects by our developers and to craft games with any errors or bugs.


It is a cross-browser JavaScript library used for creating 3D computer graphics. Our developers know every nitty-gritty aspect of this platform and will make the best use of this for your requirements.

Blender (For 3D assets)

We can develop games with VR, AR, or 3D animation or visualisation for you by using Blender. Very few development companies offer the service of developing games using Blender and we are one of them.

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