Games Development

Gambling houses and Casinos have been people’s choice for pleasure, entertainment, and to try their luck for making quick money.

In this digital era, online casinos are trending in people’s minds and hearts.

Many big casino houses have turned their eyes towards online business because who doesn’t want to hit the Bull’s eye?

Make the best use of this golden opportunity. Give your customers the feel of a real casino in just one click.

But creating an online casino is not everybody’s cup of tea. And the most important deciding factor of running a successful casino business is the GAMES in the house.

Games hook people. It makes them play more. They want to win every time. So integrating mediocre games on your platform can hinder your chances of making your casino business successful.

That is exactly where we come in. Being one of the best game development companies, we can help solve this important business problem.

Developing engaging, and interactive casino games is our forte. From Slot Machines, Poker, Bingo, Roulette, Wheels of Fortune to any other major casino games – Our experienced and skilled developers can handle all your requirements with ease.

Let’s have a glimpse of how we keep in check every tiny detail while building every single game. You won’t find such end-to-end agile casino game development anywhere else.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

And to make that wish a reality, we build a solid plan to build your online game.

Once you get in touch with us, we’ll discuss everything about your business, your goals, and your requirements.

We follow world-class operation procedures in our company, and this professionalism reflects clearly in the final product we deliver. 

Our team of highly skilled planners will go through all the prerequisites for your project and will craft the best-suited game-plan, according to your business. 

We’ll make sure we deliver the best product, with the best features, all within your budget. Work by our planning department is then passed onto our strategists, who drafts the next plan of action. 

All of the steps taken by our team will be in accordance with your business requirements and will aim to make the best games out there in the market.

What We Can Do?

Our supremacy in the industry is because of our versatility, flexibility, and professionalism. Here’s a glimpse of what more we can deliver.

We are not limited to static one-person games. We can also develop multiplayer games that can allow social interactions among different players. These dynamic games are really loved by the games all around the globe.

Be it tabletop games, face to face social games, or video games, our highly skilled developers can deliver it all. There are no restrictions we’ll bring to your great game idea.

Your social game developed from our house will be compatible with all platforms you want to launch from desktop to mobile and for every operating system out there in the market.

Games Technologies Stack

You need the latest technology games to match the industry requirements and user desires. Look out what advance options we give you with our games.

Unity 3D

We use the unity gaming engine for making real-time 3D games. It's highly versatile feature makes it compatible with over 25 platforms.

Pixi JS

To make your games more interactive and rich in graphics, our developers make use of the Pixi JS.

HTML5 / Angular JS

To add a dynamic touch to your project, we make use of AngularJS, which is a strong structural framework.


For hybrid mobile application development, we make use of Ionic, a completely open-source SDK.

Why Choose RTG Digital?

If you want to reach the top of the ladder in your industry, you need to associate yourself with the best. We are not any other mediocre casino game development company. Here’s why:


We have a highly skilled team of entirely capable experts qualified to provide you with the best solutions and offer the right recommendations to suit your requirements. They labor day and night to keep up with the upgrades to provide you with the fortunate.


We like to be like a crystal, as clear as water to our clients, and therein we want to maintain our engagement apparent and translucent. Our team works with clients' requirements and ensures long term work relationships and next to perfect service.


Our committed team of crewmembers and staff work consecutively to ensure quick delivery of outcomes and solutions to our clients. They provide the work is entirely free of all errors and ensure that our client is satisfied.


We know how to deal with our client's crises and when our clients approach us for help and aid, all our undertakings and actions are dedicated to giving the best solutions to our clients, even if that means working more.


While we have the best set of professionals and talented individuals as a team, we are entirely committed to providing what is best for our clients and offering them the best possible solution; we even give clients training to discern.


While taking care of any business, the essential thing is to know whether your client was satisfied with your service at the end or not, and this is probably the most crucial point for us. We take complete responsibility to offer value for money services to help you get one step ahead of your competitors.