What is eCommerce?

E-commerce is the medium of purchasing and selling products/services via the internet. Doing business online began in 1994 and since then the eCommerce industry has changed the way people buy or sell products. With the internet and online apps penetrating into people’s lives daily, the future of eCommerce seems endless. In fact, global retail eCommerce sales are around US$27 trillion in 2020.

Big giants like Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, IKEA, and various other companies have earned humongous profits by selling products online, no matter if it were their own or of others And the interesting thing is that this is not something only big companies can do. Small businesses and mid-level businesses can also take advantage of the eCommerce industry. A business requires its own eCommerce platform to make selling its products online a reality.

Ecommerce has made it a lot easier for freelancers, small and medium sized businesses to make their mark in the industry and compete with the big organizations. This wasn’t possible in traditional offline sales.

What We Can Do?

We offer 360° eCommerce solutions for your enterprise:

e-Commerce Tools

The latest and versatile tools that we use for eCommerce platform development are:


We offer woocommerce development services. It is one of the finest word press plugins used to create small to large-sized online stores.


Another powerful eCommerce platform is Magento. It provides flexibility and versatility while developing an ecom. Our developers know every feature available on this platform.


One of the most trendy eCommerce platforms is Shopify. It lets users manage their own ecom platform with super ease.

Why Choose RTG Digital?

RTG digital will deliver you the best results in a short period with a low-cost investment.


We have a highly skilled team of entirely capable experts qualified to provide you with the best solutions and offer the right recommendations to suit your requirements. They labor day and night to keep up with the upgrades to provide you with the fortunate.


We like to be like a crystal, as clear as water to our clients, and therein we want to maintain our engagement apparent and translucent. Our team works with clients' requirements and ensures long term work relationships and next to perfect service.


Our committed team of crewmembers and staff work consecutively to ensure quick delivery of outcomes and solutions to our clients. They provide the work is entirely free of all errors and ensure that our client is satisfied.


We know how to deal with our client's crises and when our clients approach us for help and aid, all our undertakings and actions are dedicated to giving the best solutions to our clients, even if that means working more.


While we have the best set of professionals and talented individuals as a team, we are entirely committed to providing what is best for our clients and offering them the best possible solution; we even give clients training to discern.


While taking care of any business, the essential thing is to know whether your client was satisfied with your service at the end or not, and this is probably the most crucial point for us. We take complete responsibility to offer value for money services to help you get one step ahead of your competitors.

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

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